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The solutions contained in the Quarta®3 suite give answers to complex challenges like: state of the art full Web application, multi language, multi company. From shop floor measurement data collection to  processes mapping from industry specific Quality, Health & Security and Environment to process Governance with enterprise dashboard containing strategic KPIs. With the goal to create value for our customer beyond giving management systems that are compliant with the norms and regulations.

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Complex markets and more and more strict legal regulations force for the introduction of vertical solutions and preconfigured best practices in order to be able to fulfill the business requirements and simultaneously to be compliant to the norms. Thanks to numerous project experiences in different application areas Blulink delivers specific solution and professional services to each industry.

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In every industrial sector, there are regulatory requirements of standards to be met for product quality depending on the  various specific  schemes. Flexibility  of  design of  Quarta®3 allows you to configure it as per requirement of specific international standards of Quality in diverse fields like Environment, Health and Safety, Automotive, Aerospace, Energy, Food, Medical Devices and many other.

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All Blulink solutions allow you to manage the processes related to the Governance, Compliance and Risk Management for enterprise wide management of Quality, Security and Environment. In addition to Quarta®3 platform, Blulink offers some specialized software systems able to meet special requirements for quality management and functional business processes. All Blulink solutions are the result of years of field experience and research of the best IT partnerships in order to offer solutions that are always of the state of the art technology and with top of the range application references. All the products blend in perfectly into the any existing IT environment and leverage the functionality of the ERP system.