Blulink Day 2023

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Blulink Day 2023

Are you ready to become a key player in the Total Quality Community?
Blulink Day this year will be held on May 18 in live streaming and it will be the perfect opportunity to discover the latest product news and industry trends.

During the event, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the most relevant topics in the world of Quality, discovering best practices for proactive management of business processes and implementing Quality in the products and services offered.

The broad range of issues we will address will be articulated through three different moments for a Total Quality Community:

Blu Future

dedicated to all those who want to stay up-to-date on Quality market trends, learn about the latest news and trends, and the best strategies for embarking on the digitization path best suited to their organization.


Blu Tech & Product

dedicated to all people interested in the technology and application aspects of a digital and integrated Quality Management System solution. We will share with the participants all the innovations and revolutions at the level of architecture and solutions that we have made in recent years on the QMS Quarta EVO software. It is an intense and evolving journey that aspires to improve the cybersecurity of the product and to listen to the voices of the customers who have chosen to rely on us.


Blu Training

dedicated to all those who want to learn more about topics related to Artificial Intelligence and Quality as drivers of business competitiveness. The moment is enriched by the presence of experts in the field who will speak to share information and knowledge.

It will be together with us:



We will share a concrete case of software selection that led to the choice of Quarta EVO and related details about the initial project management, including analysis, phases , timing, etc. The experience will be narrated by BIESSE Spa, an international company with more than 4300 employees worldwide, specializing in the design, production and distribution of systems and machines for processing wood, glass, stone, metal, plastics and composites for the furniture, housing & construction, automotive and aerospace sectors.


Save the May 18 date on your calendar!
The Event will be in Italian


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