Senior Sales Specialist area Nord Est - Job opportunity

Blulink is looking for a Senior Sales Specialist for the North East area, figure to take charge of carrying out pre-sales activities and finalization of commercial optical achieving the pre-defined budget objectives.

  • According to the management and planning rules, the Senior Specialist will perform the preliminary analysis of the business needs and IT customer and to present live software application initially without the support of colleagues in the technical area, for then work as a team with them when necessary.
  • After the presentation stage to the customer and defining the macro-characteristics of the technical design, the applicant should draw up the necessary documents for the closure of the commercial phase, ie any Annex Technical and Commercial Offer.
  • The task will be completed with the necessary activities to obtain sales order, the inclusion in the administrative circuit Blulink and in commercial positions to the realization of the project by the Technical Area.
  • The performance of the job involves both in-house activities that support pre-sales visits to customer sites.

Some required features:

  1. Previous roles in a similar area, so in Pre-sales processes of IT specialized solutions or Technical-Commercial. Any positions held in the technical area as an IT Consultant or Head-Project will be evaluated positively, as well as knowledge of development environments is appreciated but not mandatory.
  2. It possesses technical and professional capacity typical for the task (preparing the configuration and use of advanced IT systems, knowledge of the main business processes of companies and the logic of interactions between enterprise IT systems). Important knowledge of the English language, written and spoken.
  3. It has a predisposition to inter-personal relationships in order to establish with stakeholders a relationship of empathy and trust.
  4. It features precision in the correct and timely execution of routine activities, such as writing emails, official communications, recordings of prospects to restricted areas of the site.
  5. It features good faculty of synthesis, focusing the key content in the analysis of situations and processes.
  6. The activity is of a commercial nature, but requires a high analytical and technical effort, typically consulting mold. The candidate is therefore interested to measure and analyze issues related to the organization of business processes with industry regulations and cogenze law.
  7. The geographical area of reference is the North-East Italy area.