A Green commitment

Blulink has decided to support Treedom’s project by giving to customers, partners, staff and friends of Blulink a cocoa tree to create a forest in South Africa, in Cameroon to be precise, where 150 trees planted by Blulink are now growing luxuriantly and to date 8250 kg of CO2 have been absorbed.

Trees absorb the carbon dioxide produced by factories, heating and cars, clean the air of particulate matter and harmful gases such as nitrogen monoxide, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and ozone, provide food, energy and income to local communities and are home to 80% of terrestrial animal species. Forests reduce hydrogeological instability and often provide drinking water.

Treedom’s trees are also good for farmers who are involved every day around the world, making them part of a constant project with a higher value.

This choice has led us to completely reduce the costs in environmental terms of use of our website, managing through the Blulink Forest, to reduce the CO2 produced indirectly by the use of the website.

Since 2019, we have adopted several solutions to reduce the use of single-use plastics, resulting in savings of approximately 5 thousand fewer plastic bottles and a reduction in other single-use plastic products.

If you want to calculate how much CO2 you produced today: Click here