” We the people … “ many important statements begin with “We the people” intended meaning by the writer Michela Murgia not a simple pronoun, but ” we, the people of Blulink”.

We believe in the ” value beyond the norm“. This means recognizing the importance of rules , their respect, fair play and leverage the ” virtuous constraints “, which represent the rules , for a period of constant improvement, innovation , partnership and excellence.

We believe in a healthy and honest confrontation with all the actors of the market in which we move : customers, suppliers, consultants, partners, competitors.

We believe that a solution of “quality ” for the development of the quality of our customers should leverage three dimensions, each of which is necessary but not sufficient by itself.

us the Product….”

We believe that at the heart of the solution should be a product, so complete and powerful to imbibe focus of energies and talents in organizational innovation. The product itself must be built on three pillars:

Technology: we believe that technology is an essential tool, true amplifier of innovation processes , and the technology platform must be balanced, consistently aligned to the latest standards, but free from unnecessary technicalities that do not result in actual value to the user. Thus use of full- web -browser, SaaS oriented, workflow engine, the mobile support and much more: no labels, but a solid foundation on which to build.

Content: we believe that the other great value of the product is its content, the content-free technology is a tool useless if not dangerous. The contents are the sublimation of the best know-how of organizations, offering a very wide range of methods, best practices, standards, mechanisms, constantly enriching thanks to a history of more than twenty years of applications in areas, diverse and challenging.

Flexibility: We believe in the absolute primacy of the processes of the customer, in his unique DNA, unique personality of each company, and the best technology combined with the broader and deeper content must not in any way impose behavior patterns, but adhere to the virtuous choices of every company. We believe we can pack a tailored suit for our customer without costly customization and guarantee to be able to deal with low cost in any future need for change.

us the project ….”

We believe in the discipline of project management effectiveness as art, as only approach that can enable our customers to drive change and achieve goals stable; Blulink of all people know how to work on projects, whether they are research projects and development in our software factory, or project delivery solutions to the customer.

“Cultural us…”

We believe in the value of corporate culture, organizational models, in the need to do every day or organizational innovation, in the importance of the role and managerial skills, consultants, Blulink share an understanding of the business processes of great solidity, which is enhanced by continuous lessons from the field, covering a spectrum of applications, regulatory and industry, truly unique.