The company was founded in 1990 with the idea of a businessman in a well-known mechanical production unit, together with the ICT Manager. Blulink decided to start with the belief that Quality is and always will be a critical success factor and an important lever for competitiveness of all reality on a global scale.

Blulink immediately focused on the development of Software Solutions for the integrated management of Quality (Quality Chain Management), with a particular focus in the Quality Control integrated in the production process, having as a priority the improvement of production processes.

An important milestone has been reached with the distribution of software for the management of measuring instruments with which Calvin Blulink becomes the benchmark for the competence of the staff and the completeness of the solution; Major companies like Sacmi, Cisa, Magneti Marelli, Ferrari have shown confidence in this still young company.

1994 Bernhard Konzet, who is current CEO, joined the organization, bringing with him the important experience of German market, in the design and implementation of Information Systems for Quality.

Since 1995 he undertook the consolidation of technological products in client-server environment and the development of all forms of interest in the Quality Assurance and certification requirements of Safety and Environment.

Since 2000, with the advent of the new standards ISO9000:2000, which are inspired by models of excellence (, we have expanded our proposal to give an answer to all of these points:

In 2002, the first installations were made in China and Korea, and with this the product has become more than a multilingual Unicode application and it also accommodates different character sets and ideograms .

In 2003 Blulink offers the first complete web solutions for the initial vision of the Quality Chain Management, allowing it to integrate into business processes in addition to all the different locations spread over large area, including even suppliers and customers.

In 2010 Blulink acquired the business of Quality by a major competitor Qonsult.IT and added, in addition to products Qbase and MyQbase , additional skills with 500 new customers , offering more competitive and complete solutions. Also Blulink started a partnership with a leading Indian company to develop the local market in India.

Expansion strategies are taken to deal with emerging countries such as China, Brazil and the United States.

2011, the payoff of Blulink becomes “Value Beyond Compliance “ to emphasize how the commitment with which we propose solutions allows our customers to not only be “compliant” with the demands of industry regulations and with the legislative requirements as Leg . 81 , 231 etc. . , but to make the company more competitive in the market .

Since the beginning of 2012 we presented to the market a new platform that brings together all the experiences and content of Quarta and Qbase in a new powerful and flexible solution, Quarta®3.

2018 Blulink become member of Marposs Group world leader in the supply of precision measuring instruments with a global presence directly in over 25 countries worldwide.

2019 arrives Quarta EVO the new major release of Quarta3 that brings with it all the advantages of a new product and is designed to provide continuity to projects already developed. The new suite represents the point of arrival and at the same time a starting point towards the new challenges that the digital era imposes.