Due to the significant collaboration of qualified partners, consisting of Society of Information and Consulting Blulink is so widespread throughout the country with important references and abroad (China , Brazil, India , etc. . ).

In order to intensify our activities on a national and international level, Blulink is open to establish new partnerships to increase the value of the services offered .

For proposing collaborations or partnerships contact us –> filling in the form.

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In the current economic situation it is vital for the success of any business to cultivate strategic partnerships .Blulink recognizes the importance of these relationships and entering into collaboration agreements beneficial for all realities.

The partner for Blulink is a valuable asset to obtain and provide the end customer a quality service and close to the customer.

Following the definition of partnership agreements with Blulink, the Partner will have an important role to play, with effort, the activities of the proposal and eventual activation of the projects.

Blulink provides an extensive marketing support and training.

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