The staff of Blulink consists of professionals of business organization and Information Technology with several years’ experience in the different application fields, and a common heritage: the firm belief of the priority of the customer’s requirements. We think that market orientation, strict designing, constant methodological and technological updating, pursuit of high system reliability, are part of our professional style.

We are sure that our customers do not simply buy a product but try to meet a clear, evident or often also latent requirement. In order to meet our customers’ requirements, we can count on proposing collaborators who help the customer to create value by investing in new technologies. A partnership even before a customer-supplier relationship.

Bernhard Konzet

Francesco Mirra

Paolo Ferrarini

Barbara Di Sabatino

Claudio Soli

Isabella Bovero

Giovanni Anceschi

Marcello Medici

Paola Raggi

Marco Meneghelli

Monica Davoli

Matteo Petrosino

Francesca Denti

Christian Cvek

Silvia Ciarocchi

Eustachio Nicoletti

Chiara Agostinelli

Stefano Setti

Monia Pirondini

Michele Baccolini

Gianluca Capiozzo

Simone Campani

Agostino Martone

Andrea Gabrielli

Guido Guastalli

Giuseppe Conca

Giulia Simonini

Federico Berlingeri

Roberta Spadoni

Joginder Singh

Stefano Spotti

Alessia Mirra

Ugo Mannerini

Gian Franco Stucchi

Elisa Fioravanti

Matteo Orlandini

Franco Petraroia