Blulink at 32 BIMU fair in Milan

  • Categories: Fairs
  • Date: 14.10.2020
  • Location: Fiera Milano Rho
  • Where we will be: PAD 11 - STAND D16
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Blulink at 32 BIMU fair in Milan

Blulink will be together with Marposs at the Italian biennial of metal removal, deformation, robot, digital manufacturing, auxiliary, and enabling technologies.

After over 60 years of exhibition evolution, developed along with the technological transformation of the sector, BI-MU is today more and more a meeting point between production systems and the digital world.

On the other hand, data management and the interconnection of machines are determining factors for the sustainable management of the production cycles of the factory which translates into greater profitability, intelligent use of resources, strengthening of safety systems, according to the approach of circular economy which will be among the topics of interest of 32.BI-MU.

Blulink will also participate with a speech on Wednesday 14th October at 15:55 – 16:15, which will be held by Bernhard Konzet, entitled: “From data collection and measurement cards to an organic Quality Intelligence platform“.

We will talk about how the high number of sensors within the production and Quality Assurance systems, and the decrease in costs for information technology, has made possible to have data about the production status available live 24 hours a day; consequently, the deviations defined in the ideal production process can be located immediately and precisely to avoid the production of waste parts and the related costs for non-quality. This holistic approach, short frequency scanning along with the production flow, and the use of increasingly powerful and intelligent software systems open up promising scenarios for the future of Quality Intelligence.