Feb.11 Year Important for Blulink

Feb.11 Year Important for Blulink

2010 was more than ever for Blulink a year full of important developments, the year that has achieved numerous milestones and allowed to consolidate its market position.

Blulink in fact registered an increase in turnover and number of employees, increased by almost 30%, thanks to numerous projects launched, more than 50 new customers acquired, and also thanks to the acquisition of the entire business of the Quality of another reality reference in this field.

Blulink fact acquired from Qonsult, by the will of both partners, all software products for managing quality. Following this acquisition Blulink see so consolidated its position in the company of reference solutions for Quality time with 1000 assets of clients, Blulink renews its leadership in information systems for the excellence of companies.

2010 also saw us celebrate our “first” 20 years of activity, a long growth path for the quality and excellence of the business.

It is therefore justified pride in the achievements, which we hope are shared by all of our customers who are the real stars of this percorsoe we constantly renew their trust. The reason for this success we believe it is the result of a loyalty of the customer base and an increasing specialization and qualification of our staff has been able to advise, support and assist new and historical customers in every step of the project.

Blulink for 2011 re-launches its ongoing commitment and technology investment in the improvement of the level of application solutions and process consulting services.

Preparations began for the two most important events dedicated to the experts in the field of quality:

  • Open House – SAVE THE DATE: 19 may 2011 (tenth edition)
  • Quality For ItalyItaly for Quality -in the occasion of the World Quality Day – founded at the initiative of our company in collaboration with institutions and universities >>
    next edition November 10, 2011