World Quality Day 2014

World Quality Day 2014

Quality managers, entrepreneurs, consultants, certification bodies and interested in the World Quality gathered on November 14 at Unindustria, to take stock of the Quality in the Italian market and in the international arena during the “Quality for Italy – Italy for Quality” organized by Blulink on the occasion of the World Day of Quality.

Key words important as Quality, Competitiveness, Innovation, Productivity, Lean, excellence, organizational models, sustainability have emerged during the fourth edition of the Quality for Italy – Italy for Quality.
Contributions valuable and interesting points were made by five speakers who have followed.

The first project, “Languages of Quality” Eng. Marco Malagoli, vice president of AICQ ER, focused attention on the evolution of the concept of quality in the side by side with the history of the human being evolution concept, highlighting the gap between “Technological Progress” and “Organizational Progress.”

Eng. Stefano Setti of Blulink with “Quality far and wide: the integration Praise” explored the two dimensions of quality, seen as a pervasive culture that requires a systemic approach; Quality in Long, processes and systems that bring the customer relationship with suppliers and Quality in Largo, within the company to manage the interconnection between processes. Quality, continued Eng. Septa, lives in a multidimensional space complex, non-Cartesian (quote from William Blake).

Eng. Ezio Boiani, director of area services Galgano Group (the group for 25 years promoting the campaign National Quality and Innovation sponsored by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano), has focused on the intervention of the Service Quality as a Competitive lever. Quality seen as the relationship between performance and perceived performance and expectations involving both the organization that the Service, the elements of the latter are collected and described from the petals of the “Flower of Lovelock”.
Marketing “classic” to improve the quality of services must also make room to marketing Internal and Interactive Marketing (among customers and employees of the company).

Walvoil with the intervention of Eng. Alberto Rocchi of “The quality behind the scenes: the value of design” introduces the experience of those who daily live in contact with those who make Quality. After the length and breadth of quality introduced the concept of 3D Quality (collaboration between competitors) and other important ideas to network and collaborate more.

Finally Dr. Davide Baroncini Dekra with the speech “The” Quality “as a cultural approach to new international markets” shows that changes are unprecedented and forcing companies not yet on the overseas market to proceed starting or re-starting from the quality.