We are UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified, not just a standard but a way of being.

Doing Quality for us at Blulink is not only at the heart of our software is first and foremost achieving customer satisfaction every day through continuous improvement of our processes and procedures. We constantly monitor our results to cut new ground and achieve excellence from the first customer contact to after-sales support.

In particular, we are certified for:

IAF Sector 33 – Information Technology Sector. It is the specific certification related to information technology consulting and software development services

IAF Sector 35 – Professional Business Services Sector. This is the specific certification for the provision of consulting services to businesses

IAF Sector 37 – Training Sector. This is the certification to ensure the delivery of training courses that is added to the Information Technology sector. With this recognition, Blulink can accredit itself as a professional training institution in the software field, with the possibility of benefiting from incentives and funding from the client

Our Quality Management system is guaranteed and evaluated by a certifying body, which verifies all aspects of our work, always aiming to optimize processes and ensure reproducibility of performance and with it the continuous improvement of quality standards.