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Document Management Software Quarta EVO

Document Management Software

Document Management Software: Quality System/Safety/Environment Manuals, Procedures, Instructions.

Proper document management is today referred to as a determining factor for cost optimization and value creation, which is realized through a reduction in paperwork and increased efficiency and for this reason, the Document module of Quarta EVO, plays a pivotal role in the Quality Management System – QMS.

The functionality of the module and its Document Workflow allow the preparation and dissemination of all types of documents, starting with those related to the Quality to the management of any document in each business area (eg . Technical drawings, documents attached to personal data, project files, etc…).

The module Document Management Software manages all company documents normally subject to an approval process and revisions, or even simply as an official repository for strategic information, the best way to control Document Management across the organization & Document Lifecycle

Manuals, procedures, instructions, datasheets, drawings, etc. can easily be classified, managed and searched in absolute security and confidentiality. The interface with any windows application for the editing of texts guarantees its wider use.

The documents can be:

  • file type,
  • paper,
  • hierarchical (with visualization of the tree of father-son ties) and attachments of any format (text, images, etc.).

Features and Benefits

  • Maximum flexibility in defining the life cycle of documents and procedures with configurable Document Workflow according to your needs.
    Every manual, procedure, instruction etc. has a life cycle and a configurable workflow, both in the drafting phase (Processing -> Verification -> Approval -> Issue) and in that of diffusion;
  • Use of e-mail as a management tool.
    Every user can be notified by a message in his own box of the revision of a document, automatically open the received document with Quarta EVO, and display its own electronic signature;
  • Visualization of the documentation oriented to the recipients.
    To ensure maximum protection of changes and the certainty to always consult the latest version of the document;
  • Revision history presence;
  • Presence of the history of signatures of acknowledgment and comments or feed-backs..;
  • Ease of finding links between documents;
  • Precise and timely control over distributed copies;
  • Automatic conversion of the document to PDF;
  • Control of contemporary access, through check-out / check-in mechanism.