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FMEA Control Plan Software – Quarta EVO

Software Control Plan

FMEA Control Plan Software

Quarta EVO Control Plan is a module that allows you to manage, efficiently and integrated with other quality processes, one of the main processes/documents required by suppliers (or customer) to guarantee the quality of the control systems used to minimize product and process variations.

The FMEA Control Plan Software, which is also one of the elements foreseen by the PPAP (Production Part Approval Process, supported by a special module of the Quarta EVO suite), is described in the main regulations of different sectors (Automotive – IATF 16949, Aeronautic – 9100, Railway – IRIS, …) as well as in the main practices required by OEMs and industrial players.

The Control Plan of Quarta EVO is the result of a virtuous connection between the various control cycles which are used in the modules for quality control of Acceptance Testing and SPC.

In order to reach the documental output required by regulations and customers, it is possible to start an ex-novo compilation, or select (also automatically depending on the product or process bill of materials) the characteristics that make up the different cycles, grouping them in a sheet with workflow and life cycle (to better manage the delicate theme of the versions).

The possibility of managing the different areas of application (e.g. Prototypal phase, Pre-Launch, Production, …) in addition to the version history, it guarantees to have a single and privileged source of access for the Quality area but shared with many other business functions involved, e.g. the R&D area for studies related to the FMEA and therefore to the design process.

The configurability of the forms and business logic that distinguishes the products of the Quarta EVO suite allows a great level of adaptability to different contexts and different business needs.

Features and Benefits


  • UI/UX intuitive and easy to use
  • Simple configuration
  • Pre-configured reporting
  • KPI dashboard visualization and analytics
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Multi-Device
  • High-level security and electronic signatures

Main features:

  • Definition of approval workflow with states, progress rules, electronic signatures and email integration.
  • Approval Management and Versions;
  • Automated selection of features from Acceptance Check cycles and SPC;
  • Definition of a customizable module according to the various destination customers;
  • Automatic generation of the file with direct delivery to Supplier / Customer;
  • Link to the registration processes managed with the other modules of Quarta®3 (eg. FMEA, PPAP, APQP, SPC, MSA,…);
  • Different Control Plans according to Customers / Suppliers with specific needs (in addition to multilingual).