Indicators for Processes

Indicators for Processes

Indicators for Perfomance Process

Indicators for Perfomance Process.

Measure the performance of a process means to verify compliance with the requirements, and provide evaluation to decision makers at different levels: operational, control and planning when, strategically.

The workflow engine upon which the entire platform Quarta EVO allows you to monitor the processes by harmonizing and coordinating the activities of different actors within the process itself.

Analysis on the states, on the state transition times, the workload of the people involved and therefore the costs are some of the investigations available.

Features and Benefits

By collecting data, possible via the workflow engine Quarta EVO, you can make indicators on the performance of the processes, aimed at different target areas (see this area of the site relative to the indicators in different business contexts ).

The KPI becomes measurable parameter with which to assess the objectives set by initiative. The importance of KPI lies in their objectivity: Unlike general values ( which may well lead the building of a strategy ), the KPIs are numerical tools.

The collection of these historical data can be done through the use of query tools ( querying ) and graphical representation ( charting ) present in our solutions or through the creation of structured dashboard (KPI) and “navigable” in a dynamic way.

Here are the main benefits associated with the use of indicators on Processes:

  • Management of crossing times of process instances;
  • Possibility of exploding data aggregated to arrive at analytical investigations by area / department / individual operator workload;
  • Analysis on the critical path of the process;
  • Closing the loop between the various processes and their analysis;
  • Integration with data on costs of production, turnover and indirect costs;
  • Distribution of data via dashboards navigable by non-IT users with scheduling or reporting institutions.