Indicators of Maintenance

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Indicators of Maintenance

Asset Management can be defined as: “a set of actions that allows you to maintain or restore an asset in a specified state or in order to ensure a specific service.” Thanks to the Quarta EVO, you can manage the programming of all the interventions as well as the recording of faults. Downstream of these operating activities like insertion / registration of the data, you can obtain information of great utility that allow you to monitor the progress of activities and assessments related to the cost / benefit of the maintenance activities.

Since the indices of literature such as MTBF – Mean Time Between Failures,MTTR – Mean Time to Restoration, MDT – Mean Down Time, it is possible to derive a set of indicators (KPI) structured, updated and distributed to different users and areas (including non- IT), integrated with business intelligence methodologies created to generate analytical environments using the most modern technological platform.

Features and Benefits

With the modules of the suite of Quarta EVO you can easily manage processes such as scheduling of maintenance activities, the recording of faults and requests for intervention. In addition to managing the flow of transactions by using the recorded data, you can do detailed analysis.

The indicators are used to navigate within this database updated to understand what are the areas of pain (eg . Machinery or equipment is more expensive because of deterioration ), such as the problems encountered by type ( eg . Maintenance  at fault  vs.  Plan ), which are the most frequently encountered problems (eg . causative fault ) and many other useful data for multidimensional investigation.

Through our solutions, it will also be possible to derive typical indicators of TQM (Total Quality Maintenance):

  • MTBF – Mean Time Between Failures : average operating time between failures. The expected value of the operating time between failures ;
  • MTTR – Mean Time to Restoration : the expected value of recovery time. The intervention of time during which the entity is in a state of unavailability due to a fault;
  • MDT – Mean Down Time: The expected value of the time of unavailability. The time interval during which an entity is in a state of unavailability.

The collection of these historical data can be done through the use of query tools ( querying ) and graphical representation ( charting ) present in our solutions or through the creation of structured dashboard (KPI) and  navigable  in a dynamic way .

Some examples: