Oracle-Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management 11.x

Blulink Solutions Business Suite Oracle-Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management 11.x

Oracle-Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management 11.x

The solutions to Data Analysis

Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management is certainly one of the solutions to Data Analysis (Enterprise Performance Management) on the market today , one of the most advanced platforms used in the industry.

High performance architectures with the latest technology and ease of use combine to provide in fact an instrument of investigation and analysis on corporate data.

Thanks to Oracle – Hyperion will be able to:

  • improve the reliability of data , integrating financial and operational data no matter what their source , format or type;
  • obtain an overview of the business in real time;
  • transform operational data into useful information for strategic decisions;
  • disseminate data and analysis across the enterprise with powerful capabilities for managing reporting;
  • simplify the reporting and analysis;
  • ensuring that the use of the solution to all levels of the company through an intuitive interface and integration with Microsoft Office.

With Oracle – Hyperion , executives, analysts and employees operating , have a simple and immediate access to information ( with possible web access) , through a set of dashboards using simple and intuitive.

The data contained in different databases of corporate information system are thus transformed into information that can be used immediately , in total security , from all internal or external actors that interact with the company.

Oracle – Hyperion enhances so that the process of understanding and sharing of opportunities and trends of the business, which is now essential to make quick informed decisions at all levels of the company .

Features and Benefits



  • Query and sophisticated analysis
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Profiling and differentiated access for each type of end-user
  • Speed of deployment and high scalability
  • Ease of management and maintenance.