Performance Indicators for Post Sales

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Performance Indicators for Post Sales

Post Sales

Articulated in the market and often highlighted by all, one of the main imperatives of the company is to maintain a relationship with loyal customers on products and services offered. This essential asset must be protected by ensuring the highest possible level of: Quality of Product, Quality of Service and Cost competitiveness.

The analysis of even rare dissatisfied customer (Non Conformity Customer) or reports (complaints) should be framed within a strategy of constant analysis of the data that can be collected through Quarta EVO in different areas. A set of indicators (KPI) structured, updated and distributed to different users and areas (including non- IT), integrated with business intelligence methodologies created to generate analytical environments using the most modern technological platform.

Features and Benefits

With the modules of Quarta EVO suite, you can easily manage the processes such as the management of complaints, Abnormalities (Non-Compliance), Returns, and 8D Corrective Action Report. In addition to managing the flow of transactions and exchanges between the business and customer, you can collect this information and use it for detailed analysis, when needed.

The indicators are used to navigate within this database updated to understand what are the areas of suffering, what are the problems most commonly encountered on customers, such as the causes of these Non-Conformity.

Special mention is the possibility of making reflections on following costs:

  • management costs or indirect costs;
  • costs incurred in dealing with problems;
  • costs due to problems attributable to the liability of providers;
  • costs to be credited to the customer.

The collection of these historical data can be done through the use of query tools (querying) and graphical representation (charting) present in our solutions or through the creation of structured dashboard (KPI) and “navigable” in a dynamic way.


Main benefits in the management of customers using our solutions:

  • Quality Management through analysis of actual customers in real time;
  • Possibility of exploding data aggregated to arrive at analytical investigations for each customer / Item / Delivery;
  • Analysis for defects , Causes , Pareto analysis and comparison type ppm etc;
  • Virtuous circle of connection (closing the loop) between indicators and the logic of Internal Quality Control;
  • Integration with data on costs of production / Reject / Rework, Turnover and indirect costs due to anomalies;
  • Distribution of data via dashboards navigable by non-IT users with scheduling or reporting institutions.