A software for the management of the historical processes of Quality, Environment and Safety.

The Qbase family of solutions ( MyQbase in web-based version ) is a software for the management of the historical processes of Quality, Environment and Safety.

Blulink, has acquired the source code of the application in 2010 and took over the project management and related services (eg . Contracts for Maintenance and Support ).

The transaction allowed Blulink confirm its position as a leading player in the context of information systems for Quality, with a customer base of over 1,000 companies in Italy and abroad.

With the well-established integration of Qbase solutions, Blulink offer both, the customer support as well as constant technological updating software to keep aligned and effective with changes in infrastructure and technology.

Even Qbase, like the historical solutions Blulink championed by Quarta, is an important know-how in the field of Quality, the result of years of investment experience and successful projects.

Just to preserve this wealth of experience and value invested on the product and to ensure a projection into the future, the web platform Quarta EVO is created by Blulink.

Quarta EVO is in fact the solution conceived and born as a synthesis and evolution of Qbase and other solutions in the Blulink portfolio, toward a future of solid foundations but also to technological innovations and functional richness.

Features and Benefits

Here’s the overview of the features available in Qbase :

Customer Complaints and Non-Compliance

Ideal for manufacturing companies and services that , for effective internal management, record , and manage every situation contrary to the quality of a customer complaint to internal situations of non-compliance due to suppliers or internal departments.

The ability to identify, analyze and develop corrections of errors on the product / service and processes , in a short time , reduces costs, increases profits and ensures long-term business benefits . This capacity represents the power of its management system to guarantee the quality achieved .

Corrective Actions for both , Preventive and Improvement

The module allows you to identify , monitor and implement appropriate actions, in a timely manner for a fair and efficient internal management, plan, manage and record every type action corrective , preventive and improvement.

Documentation System

Ideal for all companies , in compliance with the voluntary requirements (ISO 9001 … ) or mandatory (safety, privacy … ) are kept to an organized management (issuing and distribution) system files

Controls Acceptance and Resolution Process

Ideal for manufacturing companies that , for effective internal management , plan, perform and record control activities in the stages of acceptance, and resolution process .

Statistical Process Control

The module allows for the monitoring of the processes by studying their capacity through the use of dynamic and sophisticated statistical tools ( control charts , Gaussian … ) to produce minimizing errors and identifying inefficiencies.

Evaluation of Suppliers

The module allows you to improve cooperation and understanding in the effective quality of the suppliers concerned and their products . The module helps the company in the selection of the best suppliers according to criteria periodicals.


It allows to identify the machinery, equipment and all the entities subject to preventive maintenance and managing the extraordinary action planning and recording.

Measuring Instruments

The module for the management of measuring systems ensures the quality of the measurement systems and their effective management in the company , it allows recording of all activities of the encoding and identification in the planning and execution of internal and external calibration activities .

Personnel Management

The module allows you to define internal roles , responsibilities , tasks and skills training and managing training for the human resources in the organization in order to optimize the time and get good results .


It allows you to manage the design at each stage significantly, providing a simple and organic recording , defining the operational plans , planning and recording of project plans , records verification , review and validation.


The FMEA module works to ensure the quality of products and production processes . It offers the possibility of preventing errors by reducing risks and optimizing the quality of the production process.

Management Audit

The audit activities carried out methodically , is a guarantee of prevention on potential non-compliance and encourages the involvement of staff .

The module is used to plan , execute and record all activities aimed both internally auditing , internal departments , and externally , external offices and / or suppliers.

The main advantages offered by the solution, are as follows:

  • Simple and flexible user interface, designed to be clear , functional and flexible , with a minimum impact on the organization at all levels . The interface is the synthesis of a paper management and the management of the data completely by computer , able to comply with the corporate culture , ensuring the transfer of technologies with minimal impact on users. The system has an interface whose center of activity is the actual document .
  • User Configuration managed well between mild security, each user who logs on to the system can see and operate exclusively on the parts of their competence.
  • Modular solution , it is possible to grow the platform through the introduction of new functional modules , to better support the evolution of the product and the investment needs of its clients.
  • Integration with external systems.