Business Intelligence

Blulink offers QlikView Business Intelligence tools and skills for the implementation of Business Indicators besides its Management Systems and Business Performance Management systems.

The QlikView Business Discovery platform offers powerful tools that enable decision making innovative to BI users by providing self-service.

Features and Benefits

QlikView Business Discovery Platform is the first in-memory associative and, thanks to two important feauture: associative model of data and in-memory technology, is expanding more and more in the market for Business Intelligence Platforms.

The associative model of data in-memory QlikView allows business users to assemble information by integrating multiple databases, to explore and to discover the phenomena, to reveal the dynamics that make it possible to solve business problems with new strategies via an integrated view of information through dashboards, ad hoc analysis and reporting, with a single tool.

The in-memory data model allows QlikView to analyze data at both the aggregate and the maximum detail without the waste of time due to the costly construction of multidimensional OLAP cubes, required otherwise.

The functionality of associative model of data is supported by in-memory technology to deliver high performance.

QlikView in-memory technology, one can:

  • Keep data in memory while minimizing the waiting time to get answers;
  • Automatically manage the associations within the data;
  • Calculate aggregations on the fly, as it should be if you want to allow a fast usage by users;
  • Compress data up to 10% of their original volume to optimize performance;
  • Maximize the power of the processor by distributing computations among all available cores.

QlikView offers hundreds of possible variety of graphs and tables, all navigable , and there are list boxes for navigation dimensional boxes statistics and many other items for the user interface . Each object is ” clickable ” to query and analyze the data. The QlikView platform easily integrates with an organization’s existing infrastructure, thus making it extremely easy and quick to get the operation.

QlikView is a single product consisting of several components that can be purchased separately:

  • QlikView Desktop: Windows application for creating dashboards and reports;
  • QlikView Server: web-based application for sharing dashboards through access controlled and managed through the appropriate Management Console.

The display of dashboards can be made via : web client , QlikView desktop and other clients available:

  • Mobile Client : Client for using on iPad, Android Tablet, iPhone and Android cellullar phones;
  • QlikView Publisher : add-on for the controlled distribution of information and for automatic updating of data.