Quality Management System Software

Blulink Solutions Business Suite Quality Management System Software

Quality Management System Software

Quality Management System Software

Quality Management System Software – Quarta EVO, based on a workflow engine, combines high functional completeness to a modern web infrastructure, collaboration-oriented intra-and inter-plant, and performance measurement processes. A QMS software platform permits managing and tracking every step in your Quality Management System.

QMS Software for document control, audit management, non-conformance tracking, and employee training, provide intelligent routing to move quality-related events through the different areas of the business to ensure quality assurance, corrective action.

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Objectives of the Quality Management software:

  • Provide speed, simplicity and operational performance;
  • Pushing the limits of traditional ergonomics of Web applications;
  • Drive user activity through a simple, step-sensitive and intuitive workflow interface;
  • Conjugate corporate standards with specific operational standards;
  • Minimize the cost of learning the application;
  • Facilitate cooperation through the workflow;
  • To encourage the production of automated KPI with reliable results.


Features and Benefits

Main features of Quality Management System (QMS) Software:

  • speed, simplicity and operational performance
  • overcome ergonomics limits of Web Applications
  • guide user activity through a user friendly interface and step-sensitive (the workflow shapes the interface)
  • combine corporate standards with operational specificity
  • minimize the learning costs of the instrument
  • make easier the cooperation through the use of workflow
  • increase the production of automatic and reliable KPI