Quarta EVO HR Management QMS

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Quarta EVO HR Management QMS

Software Gestione Risorse Umane

Advanced features for Quarta EVO HR Management QMS

This module offers developed functions for the management of Human Resources, from the Quality, Environment and Safety System integration viewpoint.

Skill and Competences

Quarta EVO HR Management QMS also allows the protection and the increasing of the assets consisting of the collaborators’ skills and competencies: establish staff requirements, continuing personal research and selection, rating the collaborators, training and finally resumption of the assessment cycle and further training.

This enhancement of the resources present in the company avoids wasting talents in not very qualified positions and, vice versa, having unprepared personal in strategic positions.

Features and Benefits

Registry files and Planning

  • Personal card with personal details of the employees and candidates (recruiting);
  • Curriculum vitae organized by sections, attached documents (texts, picture, etc.);
  • Historic files of sensitive informations with safety and privacy protection according to the regulations in force on Personal Information;
  • Training (Diplomas, Training courses with coding, …);
  • Internal working path, (Positions/Career, Contract levels, Cost centres, Fees and Benefits);
  • Integration with the Risk Analysis module (DPI assignment, medical examination memorandum book, …).


Some of the functions:

  • Determining rating sets and competence catalogue;
  • Determining ideal backgrounds by position;
  • Preparation of credit rating and training requirement sessions (gap analysis);
  • Research of the ideal candidate by position in relation to competences and experiences;
  • Preparation of the Training Plans from a Standard Training viewpoint;
  • Continuous improvement and Management of the internal career of the employee;
  • Planning and management of requests, alarms, diagrams of Gantt etc…
  • Management of registry files and contents of training courses;
  • Course planning by managing sessions, participants, teachers, materials used and final costs borne;
  • Process supported by workflow of the employee’s training request with the authorization of the Training Manager to enter the collaborator for the course on the basis of evaluations concerning competences and budget;
  • Checking the profitability of the training actions; Generation of certificates of attendance to the courses.