Quart EVO Organizational Model

Blulink Solutions Quart EVO Organizational Model

Quart EVO Organizational Model

Accompanies and integrates the Human Resources

Quarta EVO – Organizational Model accompanies and integrates the Human Resources module in defining and cataloguing of business processes.

Features and Benefits

In this way, it is possible to immediately identify:

  • the persons in charge;
  • process inputs and outputs, establishing the aims to be achieved for each single process;
  • typical activities of the process;
  • one or more indicators that “measure” each process in real time.

The system is based on three levels: positions, task, typical activity.
Possibility of relating each level with:

  • competences;
  • tasks;
  • standard activities;
  • resources;
  • quality aims and quantity targets to be achieved;
  • new indicators for each request.