Quarta® Complaint and claim

Quarta® Complaint and claim

The Complaint Module allows to point out anomalies or problems by the market with reference to offered products or…

The Quarta® Complaint Module allows to point out anomalies or problems by the market with reference to offered products or services.

Features and Benefits

If the product or service provided by the customer shows a deviation from the set requirements, the customer sends a complaint to the supplier asking for an immediate solution, which can cause the start of a Non conformity or of a return.
The Complaint module meets the requirement of analytically recording and ordering all the documents concerning the announcement of failure to meet the requirements by the customer (faulty operation of a product, failure to supply or partial supply of a service, etc.).

Software facility

Some of the main functions of the Module:

  • Possibility of assigning the status though which the life cycle of the document occurs, from the beginning to the end; the different colours displayed offer an immediate priority interpretation;
  • Preparation of the distribution lists so that it’s possible to assign the responsibilities by competence (who must work on the complaint and decide how to operate) or for information (who must be informed and affix one’s own electronic signature after having viewed);
  • Possibility of enabling alarms in order to be informed when the complaint is signed by the receiving users. Different filtering method function: the selection can also be stored or printed by means of the Quick-Print function or exported in Excel®;
  • The Complaint module is completely integrated with the other modules of Quarta®3. For example, if the return of the material is authorised in connection with the complaint, it is possible to directly connect from Complaint management to Non Conformity recording and to Return management, creating automatically the new connected document;
  • Complete customization of the field labels and availability of a big number of configurable attributes;
  • Full surfing between the different types of documents, connected together and forming.
  • higher attention to productive process and costumers;
  • total management of the After Market cycle;
  • definition of roles and responsabilities of each operator;
  • assimilation with other processes and/or other structured documents from Quarta®3 or other systems;
  • trackability of data and informations even through the visualisation of the father-child bond tree;
  • Punctusl analysis of data connected to claims and available signals;

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UNI EN ISO 22000


UNI EN ISO 13485


21 CFR PART 11


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