Quarta® Returned

Quarta® Returned

Product’s return not in compliance by the customer and relative information and document flow….

Product’s return not in compliance by the customer and relative information and document flow.

Features and Benefits

Complete management of the logistics of non-standard or faulty materials, products or components returned by the customer.
It is possible to trace in detail all the documents related with the return event, each through its own life cycle.

Software facility

  • Configurable classification of types of returns, faults and causes;
  • Recording the essential data of the transport documents;
  • Possibility of retrieval according to different methods and different orders;
  • Quick Print function for printing the list of selected documents;
  • Integration with other Quarta®3 modules: possibility to create a Return directly from a Non Conformity or from a Complaint;
  • Possibility of configuring the final decisions of the controls carried out on the returned products;
  • Integration with the Workflow of Quarta®3: managing the document life cycle and electronic signatures;
  • Return authorization for the customer, with automatic interface with fax or e-mail server;
  • Customizable prints;
  • Possibility of browsing the links between all the related documents;
  • Managing attachments in any format (text, image, etc.);
  • History of all the events of the customer, that can be looked up starting from the return;
  • Documentation of repairs, replacement at the level of component serial number;
  • Default or on-time check-list;
  • Cost documentation;
  • Managing Guarantee Informations;


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