Quarta® Statistical Process Control (SPC)

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Quarta® Statistical Process Control (SPC)

The incoming good inspection

The incoming good inspection prevents products not conforming with specifications from being used: this type of control is implemented like a filter.

However real quality is the result of the production process.

Features and Benefits

The statistical process control (SPC) is an excellent instrument for preventing problems during the production process. The SPC, integrated in the Quarta® product Suite, not only handles planning, control and evaluation but it also serves as a comprehensive analysis which takes the whole company information system into account.

The Acceptance tests are carried out in order to avoid using products not in compliance with the specifications: they are carried out with a selection purpose.


  • Control Plans (control instruction grid), with review index management;
  • SPC type processes – Machine Capability – Production Start Report;
  • Collection frequency configurable for each characteristic;
  • Alarm and Process Variable configuration (e.g. casting, production lot, etc);
  • Variety of controlling cards (Xm/R, Xm/s, single values, medians);
  • Attribution cards (C, p, np, u).


  • Measure execution, with direct multi-protocol connection to Measuring Instruments;
  • Interfacing with inductive probes;
  • Connection with the Non Conformity registration system
  • Displaying Cp and Cpk (Pp, Ppk, Cm, Cmk);
  • Multi-quotas;
  • acquisition from file;
  • MASTER station for global monitoring of the control system.


  • Statistics on incoming lots;
  • Analysis of the registered values (lot statistic evaluation, Xm,R,s,MC,Cpk);
  • Incoming history (by period, article, supplier);
  • Vendor rating;
  • On Time delivery, service assessment.

System integration
Thanks to an accessory module (QConnect) a bi-directional interface is possible with the ERP system or other systems present in the company.

Some of the largely used functions:

  • importing the lots to be checked;
  • automatic opening from MRP/ERP of the SPC control orders;
  • synchronisation of article, supplier, customer files.


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