Quarta®3 APQP

Advanced Product Quality Planning

Quarta®3 APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) is the structured method of managing the process of developing a product or a service, introduced and applied by Ford, General Motors, Chrysler and officialized in the QS9000.
The Advanced Product Quality Planning of Quarta®3 is the document that allows you to manage the development process of a product or a service in accordance with the requirements of the ISO-TS regulation.

The APQP of Quarta®3 is a document whose management and progress is governed by the workflow configured according to what is prescribed;it is a document that “is born” complete with Work Breakdown Structure, which can be Planned / configured / adapted according to what is required by the organization and / or by each individual “project”.

Features and Benefits

The APQP of Quarta®3 together with the modules of Quarta®3 SPC, Quarta®3 FMEA, Quarta®3 PPAP, Quarta®3 MSA and Quarta®3 Control Plan make up the Quarta®3 suite for the Automotive sector.

Quarta®3 APQP is also fully integrated with the other modules such as Inspections, Indicators, Non-Conformity, Corrective Actions, Complaints, the PPAP document, the Samples, the Technical Documentation, the Activities, the MSA Attachments, SPC, 8D reports, etc.

Quarta®3 APQP allows to maintain control over the quality system during the entire production, filling the differences between the supplier and the customer.

The APQP of Quarta®3 is a document that “is born” indicating to the users involved (Team) the need to produce a predefined set of activities and related documents, the elements (see “Outputs” of the individual “phases”).

Although often experienced as a bureaucracy of the design processes, there are many benefits in using an APQP, if introduced with the right look and the right software tool:

  • improvement of information flow;
  • reliability guarantee;
  • a good design allows a considerable reduction of costs;
  • provide a quality product on time;
  • involve all the resources involved in customer satisfaction;
  • be able to bring out the problems in advance;
  • involve suppliers, customers and subcontractors in the various stages of development.



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