Quarta EVO Audit

Software Verifiche Ispettive e Gestione Audit del sistema Qualità

Preparing questions and questionnaires, defining audit, assessment and analysis plans.

Features and Benefits


This module offers a tool for planning and carrying out all the maintenance activities of the equipment and systems intervening in the process.

Quarta EVO allows to:

  • Check system conformity;
  • Check the efficiency of the implemented quality system;
  • Evaluate the suppliers;
  • Check the maintenance in time of supplier qualification.


  • Trend evaluation of the visit and calculation of the results;
  • Exporting data in Excel®;
  • Zoom down analysis of the Non conformities deriving from the Inspection;
  • Graphics.


  • Freely configurable question evaluation metric;
  • Presetting the allowed answers and relative scores;
  • Aggregation of the questions forming the questionnaires;
  • Possibility of temporarily excluding a question when carrying out the questionnaire;
  • Possibility of executing the audit on time or printing the paper questionnaire and copying the results;
  • Management of different types of reports and attached documents;
  • Possibility of generating automatically a Non conformity and any Corrective Action to be undertaken;
  • The standard configuration of Quarta EVO includes the Anfia, AVSQ 94, metrics for evaluating the quality systems. This metric contains a check list developed according to ISO STANDARD 9001, enriched with the additional concepts of ISO 9004-1.