Quarta®3 Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

Blulink Solutions By Regulation AS/EN 9100 Quarta®3 Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

Quarta®3 Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

Efficient tool for determining the capability of the specific means of control.

The increasing need to ensure compliance with the designed features, requires a careful evaluation of the errors inherent in the measurement system that is precisely the technique MSA.

In order to obtain a suitable measurement system, it is necessary to have an effective tool for the determination of the capacity of the means of specific control, both during the testing phase of new means acquired and for the verification and calibration of those already in use.

Features and Benefits

The Measurement System Analysis (MSA) module represents an efficient tool to determine the capability of the specific means of control when testing the new means acquired and to check and calibrate those already used.

Software facility

  • Management of Tool/Family registry files;
  • Variety of Methods;
  • Variety of Graphics;
  • Variety of retrievals;
  • Connection with Excel®;
  • Wide configurability;
  • cg/cgk capability index;
  • The module can be used autonomously or perfectly integrated with Calvin®;
  • Customizable prints.

Realised analysis methods

  • Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Ford AGChrysler
  • Ford, General Motors (QS-9000)
  • Cnomo.

Timely and effective controls;

  • Speed / ease while searching for instrument and control;
  • Less chance of error in control and guidance;
  • Specific and detailed Analysis;
  • Using multiple Methods for control;
  • Integration with the registry tools of Quarta®3 and / or Calvin®;
  • Traceability of all the events on a single screen;
  • Data security through access to login / user;
  • Saving data in a relational database.


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