Quarta®3 Sample Management

Blulink Solutions By Regulation AS/EN 9100 Quarta®3 Sample Management

Quarta®3 Sample Management

The control of the “First sample” by Quarta®3 Sample Management

Quarta®3 Sample Management is the activity that allows the management of the first sample of a supplier/customer. The control of the “First sample” is now a process that assumes a strategic importance in different industries and different management systems.

In sectors such as aerospace and rail, the FAI – First Article Inspection – is an activity established and standardized, expected even by the standards and references in Aerospace standards (EN 9102 and standards for the IRIS Railway).

In the Automotive finally completing the PPAP and the elements included (such as the ISIR – Initial Sample Inspection Report) required by IATF 16949 is practically equivalent to executing the FAI and probably is the forerunner.

Features and Benefits

Thanks to the Quarta® 3 sample management module, you can:

  • ensure the involvement of all functions involved in the process (Quality, Production, Design, …);
  • ensure the monitoring of this process with distribution of jobs and documents to be produced within the time defined by the supplier or customer;
  • archive the various inspection records, versions of documents and certifications;
  • produce reports required by various regulations (eg . ISIR , PSW , FAIR , FMEA , … ) customizable in relation to external requests or requirements;
  • generate statistics and / or indicators of various dimensions such as the timing , costs, outcomes , and more.


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