Quarta EVO Project Management Workflow

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Quarta EVO Project Management Workflow

A powerful and flexible platform

This is a powerful and flexible platform that allows you to manage all the phases of a project through a Workflow drive. Quarta Project Management Software support manager’s work in order to plan, organize, and control resources and to achieve specific goals. software workflow management

Each activity contemplates an executor and a manager: each one of them can take care of the activity progress until the declaration of completion. software workflow management
Alarms and memos can be activated during different activity progresses by sending an automatic e-mail.
The system offers the two-way interface with MS Project®

Features and Benefits

All the latest technologies representing the Quarta EVO PMS plus are applied inside the world of design:

  • management of the project documents;
  • hierarchic folder and documents;
  • multiple review index, drawing up cycle, competences, liabilities, signature traceability, controlled copies;
  • automatic conversions in PDF and distribution lists, enclosures in any format;
  • integration with e-mail systems: it is possible to involve project interlocutors at different levels by e-mail;
  • activity scheduling: all the activities can be planned, with all the characteristic attributes of project management (estimated and real duration, start and end date, constraints, priorities, hierarchies, slack, resources);
  • resource management: registry file of human and material resources with availability, competences, costs, etc.
  • workflow: project status, by means of the signature by competence; automatic distribution lists;
  • links between different projects: possibility of managing articulated and complex projects;
  • free processes: Quarta EVO PMS allows to model also other process types (technical change request, change of the bill of materials, investment authorisation, …) completely configurable; these free processes can be connected together according to the priorities provided by company regulations.