Software PPAP Quarta EVO

Software PPAP Quarta EVO

Production Part Approval Process

Software PPAP Quarta EVO (Production Part Approval Process) is a module that gathers the needs that rule the suppliers’ omolgation process of components and of their production’s processes.

Developed in accordance with regulatory requirements (eg IATF 16949, which provides for its application in a mandatory manner) as practiced in the major car manufacturers and not only, it allows you to use an easy and automated method able to support the management of one of the most complex and critical processes: the relationship with suppliers (and / or customers).

Through an extremely user-friendly mode and by guiding the user step by step, it is possible to manage the so-called elements, that is the documentation that certifies the fulfillment of the requirements.

Features and Benefits

In addition to the elements, it is possible to guarantee consistency with the levels that testify to the request to provide or in any case be able to dispose of certain documents. From the classic Level III it will be possible to identify the presentation level to be used for each supplier or supplier / component combination. Finally, it is also possible to set up the methods of document verification within the system (mandatory with sampling, if required, …).

Main Processes managed through the platform:

  • Management of Quality Control processes (Inspections, variability checks and SPC capability management) and related documents and analysis (eg. ISIR, F.A.I., cp, cpk, …);
  • Management of measuring instruments, Expiration and Calibration, with recording of the control steps, as well as the MSA process which assesses whether the measuring system is suitable for the specific application for which it is used (cg, cgk, …);
  • Management of Risk Management processes such as DFMEA and PFMEA, linked to corrective and preventive actions;
  • Management of drawings related to the finished product,thanks to the management of the drafting and release / validation process, as well as the Change Request and Versioning management processes;
  • Product Sampling Management and approval reports, with automated production of the PSW (Part Submission Warrant). Possible combined use of the Audit module for the management of Inspection visits;
  • Management of all the required documentation, with its own lifecycle and distribution process (eg. productive flow charts, technical drawings, test results, Control Plan, AAR, Technical Data Sheets, Customer Requirements, …);
  • Planning of activities, both those linked to the product / supplier validation process, and those in charge of the supplier, in order to manage deadlines for the documents to be provide;;
  • Workflow mechanism with electronic signature for approval processes to guarantee process traceability of processes and the structured involvement of stakeholders. Precompiled check lists help the quality area in coordinating the process in a lean and fast way

The use of Quarta EVO PPAP allows to:

  • define the approval workflow with states, progress rules, electronic signatures and email integration;
  • save all the documents that are always available within the system;
  • define elements and elements set, as well as the various required levels;
  • automatically generate PSWs;
  • monitor deadlines and automatically send reminders to the managers of the various parties involved;
  • differentiate PPAPs according to Customers / Suppliers with specific needs (in addition to multilingual).