Software 8D Management

Software 8D Management

Software 8D report: approach to problem solving and improvement of Products and Processes.

The 8D software method was developed by the Ford Motor Company in the 1990s within TOPS (Team Oriented Problem Solving) methodologies; Fourth EVO 8D Report represents a systemic approach to problem solving and Product and Process improvement.

Through the use of Quarta EVO 8D Management, it is possible to reduce customer response time, warranty service expenses, line stops, and rejects. 8D classification is fully configurable: each company can decide up to what level of detail a record should be classified, using, for example, analysis modes such as “5W-2H” and “5W.”

What is the 5W method?

The 5W, is a simple yet effective investigative tool and tree analysis technique of causes and problems. It shows the effect and five different levels of cause. Through the 5 levels of the vertical tree structure, one can get to define the root cause of the problem .

What is the 5W-2H method?

5W-2H is an effective method of organizing the action plan, i.e., the action plan that enables all respective area managers to complete their tasks and clearly define all items included in the action plan. The 5w 2h software in its implementation provides an overview of the relationships that define who is to develop the action plan.

The 5W-2H methodology stands for the initials of: WHAT – WHEN -WHY – WHO – WHERE and HOW – HOW MUCH.

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Features and Benefits

The module Quarta EVO 8D you can help you to monitor and reduce response time to the customer, service cost and production loss. The methodology, particularly use in automotive, is divided into 8 disciplines:


– Forming the team (team work);

– Describe the problem (Analysis of claim) ;

– Define interim Containment Plan;

– Identify the root causes;

– Verify Permanent Corrective Actions;

– Implement corrective actions;

– Prevent the recurrence of the problem;

– Congratulate the team;

  • Complete management of the Process of Problem’s Resolution;
  • Complete codification of defectiveness, causes and solutions through use of inventory;
  • Integration with other processes (Claims/Returned, Corrective Actions, Lot Inspections…)
  • Data analysis through Indicators (KPIs) and reporting of details in various formats;
  • Standard prints of 8D forms;
  • Planning and control in various phases of the process;
  • Assimilation with other processes and/or other structured documents from Quarta®3 or other systems;

Quarta EVO Complaint and claim

Quarta EVO Returned

Quarta EVO Lot Inspection

Quarta EVO Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Quarta EVO Corrective and Preventive Actions

Quarta EVO F.M.E.A.

Indicators and KPIs




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