Software Ballooning CAD Convert Quarta EVO

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Software Ballooning CAD Convert Quarta EVO

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Software Ballooning CAD Convert

One of the most expensive activities in the management of quality

One of the most expensive activities in the management of quality control of the product is certainly the generation and maintenance of quality control audits of inspection cycles starting from the product design of the technical detail.

With Cad Convert, it is possible to automatically generate the inspection plan through the 2D CAD drawing. A system for recognition of symbols and the ability to use the reference tables of DIN, ISO, allows with only a few clicks to solve the issues related to inspection plans, and facilitate the relationship with customers/suppliers for first part/sample inspection ( ISIR , FAI , … ).

The CAD balloning software facilitates the loading of control cycles onto the Quarta EVO quality management software:

  • Automatic input into Quarta EVO of much of the information on the characteristics to be checked, starting with the shot quotas,
  • Automatic insertion of the overall drawing of the part to be inspected and images of the individual features of the inspection cycle,
  • Reduction of numerous errors and risks due to the manual input of dimensions on the control loop and the difficulty of managing versions and revisions,
  • Total integration between drawing management and Quality Control.

Features and Benefits


  • Full drawing visualisation with attached tools for grading, moving, changing background colour, rotating;
  • Palletising of dimensions to be checked with advanced selection tools;
  • Obtain all available information directly from the drawing (dimensions, tolerances, drawing sector, etc.);
  • Export the shot peening result in different formats including CSV for import into Quarta EVO and Excel sheets for separate management;
  • Automatic export of the overall shot peen drawing and of the individual dimensions (zoom);
  • Management of drawing revisions/versions within the same project.


  • Integration between technical and quality departments for managing drawings and control cycles;
  • Drastic reduction in the time taken to create control plans in Quarta EVO;
  • Increases the readability of the control plan in Quarta EVO through the association of detail drawings to individual features;
  • Can be used as a high-quality viewer for company drawings;
  • Reduced shot peening time for company drawings;
  • Reduction of risks related to:
    • errors in the acquisition of dimension information;
    • errors in alignment between versions/revisions of drawings and control loops in Fourth EVO;