Software CAD Convert Quarta EVO

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Software CAD Convert Quarta EVO

One of the most expensive activities in the management of quality

One of the most expensive activities in the management of quality control of the product is certainly the generation and maintenance of quality control audits of inspection cycles starting from the product design of the technical detail.

With Cad Convert, it is possible to automatically generate the inspection plan through the 2D CAD drawing. A system for recognition of symbols and the ability to use the reference tables of DIN, ISO, allows with only a few clicks to solve the issues related to inspection plans, and facilitate the relationship with customers/suppliers for first part/sample inspection ( ISIR , FAI , … ).

Features and Benefits

The module allows you to generate inspection plans for Quality Control in Quarta EVO directly from CAD drawing.

Without this module, the process would be much longer and more complex. In fact, we need to make a print of the CAD drawing, perform the manual selection of units to inspect, and then manually enter in Quarta EVO dimensions marked, attach files etc with the possibility of running into numerous errors and risks due to the transfer of data, to the difficulty of managing the versions/revisions, to the lack of integration with the quality control.

Convert CAD allows you to:

  • open screen design;
  • carry out the display of the units to be controlled directly on the screen;
  • export automatically the characteristics defined in the drawing (including descriptions, tolerances) to Quarta®3 or Excel sheets;
  • derive data directly from the design of the unit;
  • attach automatically zoomed in views of both the overall design and the individual level llustrations;
  • CAD Convert is able to recognize various types of tolerances and calculate them automatically.