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Software Guarantee Management

Software gestione delle garanzie

Complete management of the entire Process of Guarantee Request.

Companies are always more busy managing processes of anomalies’ treatment from the field with a special reference to the “delicate” period that concern guarantees. Main guarantees that need to be managed are: commercial (anomaly out of expected times or out of “covered” types of flaws), technical (anomalies typically signaled and covered by the guarantee contract), returns/reparations (process of management of returns and/or reparations as a client service), and other types. Often companies are struggling with management costs and treatment of Claims and Guatantees that require the use of structured systems.

Features and Benefits

Quarta EVO Guarantee Management is a complete system that can connect Producer, Supplier, Sellers, Partners and Costumers, allowing a decrease in costs, a real improvement of the relation’s network and the quality of the service.
The module is born to manage the entire practice of inside process of Guarantee Management, a process rather articulated that is subject to a different kind of practice depending on the type of product; furthermore depending on the type of problem the process can be sorted to competent bodies, allowing full control of management costs.
Thanks to Workflow it is possible to watch and manage the inner practice, to insert costs until acquiring indicators and statistics.

  • complete management of the whole inner practice;
  • use of catalogues to identify and analyze flaws and found causes;
  • management of costs of non-quality;
  • opening of the guarantee’s process directly from the costumer (web-based system);
  • integration with other modules of Quarta EVO to manage processes in an integrated way;
  • creation of indicators: defectiveness, cost of fixing warranty products, substitution costs, charge notes and credit notes for costumers and products, ecc.

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