Software Lot Inspection Quarta EVO

Blulink Solutions By Regulation AS/EN 9100 Software Lot Inspection Quarta EVO

Software Lot Inspection Quarta EVO

software-collaudo e accettazione merci

An efficient tool for a cost-saving reception

The Lot Inspection module is an efficient tool for a cost-saving reception of incoming goods in production and of final inspection. Finding, viewing and managing associated data is simplified.

Features and Benefits

  • Integrated on-line measurement acquisition, recording of measurements and analysis give a convenient overview. The control plans can be defined for different purposes and on different levels e.g. article, article/supplier, family etc., predefined sampling systems (ISO 2859, MIL 105D and ISO 3951, MIL 414) and dynamisation methods (Skip Lot) complete the planning possibilities. In many situations, in compliance with the requests of the UNI EN – ISO 9000 regulations, the units of a lot must be tested.
    The Goods Acceptance module of Quarta EVO allows to plan and test the incoming products (either in process, or in shipment) and offers a wide range of analysis function of the recorded data Planning.

    • Control Plans (control instruction grid), with review index management;
    • Sampling Plans (ISO2859/MIL-105/UNI-4842 ISO-2859/MIL-105/UNI-4842/ DIN-40080 for attributes or – ISO-3951/MIL-414 for variables) or customisable;
    • Inspection during Acceptance – Production – Final;
    • Management for family of articles;
    • Dynamism rules by Skip Lot, distinguished by Article/Supplier/Characteristic.


    • Measure execution, with direct multi-protocol connection to Measuring Instruments;
    • Interfacing with inductive probes;
    • Connection with the Non-Conformity registration system Displaying Cp and Cpk (Pp, Ppk, Cm, Cmk)Multi-quotas;
    • acquisition from file;
    • MASTER station for global monitoring of the control system.


    • Statistics on incoming lots;
    • Analysis of the registered values (lot statistic evaluation, Xm,R,s,MC,Cpk);
    • Incoming history (by period, article, supplier);
    • Vendor rating;
    • On Time delivery, service assessment.

    System integration
    Thanks to an accessory module (QConnect) a bi-directional interface is possible with the ERP system or other systems present in the company.


    Some of the largely used functions:

    • importing the lots to be checked;
    • automatic opening from MRP/ERP of the SPC control orders;
    • synchronisation of article, supplier, customer files.