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Software Quality Supplier Portal

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Semplify Supplier Management.

The importance of quality in the relationship with suppliers and the need for the development of a digital architecture to support selection and management of established or not yet established suppliers is a central piece in the effective management of identification and qualification cycles of company suppliers.

Quality Supplier Portal Quarta EVO defines new standards in the management of the relationship with suppliers, through a complete vision on all the suppliers of the company and the possibility to follow step by step every step in the supply relationship; thanks also to an easy management and sharing of documents directly on-line with suppliers.

This global vision on all suppliers allows to reduce the risk of loss of information and communications in every phase of the process flow and to improve contractual compliance without ever losing sight of every phase of the supply cycle.

Improve collaboration with suppliers

Reduce the workload of the team thanks to a reliable supplier portal that adapts to your needs. Minimization of errors or possible misalignments thanks to workflow management.

  • Self-candidacy suppliers:
    a simplified process thanks to which an anonymous supplier (not yet registered or qualified) asks to be evaluated;
  • Guided access and quick data entry:
    entry of personal data and all financial data, certifications, references to third-party systems (eg. ERP codes), history and log of data variations;
  • Constant control and advanced reporting:
    constantly monitor all interactions with suppliers and immediate data monitoring;
  • Evaluation of performance levels:
    with consequent implementation of improvement plans in the management of the most frequent suppliers;
  • Reduction of costs and response times:
    thanks to an improvement in the collaboration between the actors involved;
  • Loyalty of its suppliers:
    through a close and organized relationship;
  • Direct involvement:
    of suppliers in the Problem Solving processes;
  • Visibility and analysis in real time:
    0f the quality of the products supplied;
  • Supplier control:
    along the entire life cycle of the relationship;
  • Guarantee of control:
    on all legal aspects related to documents and processes managed.

Features and Benefits

Quality Supplier Portal Quarta EVO Software Features

  • Profile access and support for multi-company, multi-plant architectures;
  • Management of the drafting and internal issue of documents;
  • Sharing with Suppliers and Partners of any document and any quality process on-line (sampling incoming goods, work account, external processing, sampling and ISIR, non conformity management, complaints);
  • Management of the entire Supplier Qualification Process: iter to finalize that a given supplier can supply a certain type of supply;
  • Census and Evaluation of suppliers through a Register of Qualifications  and official register showing the current status of qualifications for each supplier and for all his qualifying items;
  • Management of Product / Service Certification (PPAP in some sectors), approval procedure concerning individual part numbers or product types;
  • Register of the Homologates showing in detail the suppliers and the products / services that they can supply as approved;
  • Management of Audits and periodic Check Lists evaluation ;
  • Non Conformity / 8D Management, Derogations and Concessions;
  • On-line publication of checks on products that the supplier must perform before shipping the product (Pre-Delivery Inspection);
  • Management of interaction with even anonymous subjects, suppliers in self-candidature;
  • Integration with existing portals;
  • Supplier’s personal data variation workflow and history of variations;