Quarta EVO Return Management Software

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Quarta EVO Return Management Software

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Management of the entire return process for Nonconforming products through a Return Management Software

Returns Management, allows the company to keep track, in detail, of all documents associated with the return event, each through its own lifecycle, from materials logistics, to opening Nonconformities, to closing claims.

Closely related to the Quarta EVO Claim Management module, the Returns Management software module aims at timely recording of all the elements that make up a Return and the activation within the company of the data management process.

Integration with other Quarta EVO modules allows a Return to be created directly from a Non-conformity or Claims, but also from anywhere else in the application as needed.

Features and Benefits

At the registration stage, different types of returns can be defined and have correlated a configurable set of defects and causalities, as well as the input of associated costs.

Statistical analysis of the information has the task of then being able to give the correct inputs in order to agree on business strategies aimed at their reduction and increased attention in the production process steps.

  • Increased focus on the production process and the customer;
  • Total management of the After Market cycle;
  • Definition of the roles and skills of individual operators;
  • Integration with other processes and/or to other structured documents of Fourth EVO or other systems;
  • Traceability of data and information including through visualization of the parent-child linkage tree;
  • Timely analysis of data on returns and costs incurred.