Quarta EVO Environmental System

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Quarta EVO Environmental System

In compliance with the requirements of ISO 140001 and EMAS model, the tool allows complete management of the environmental aspects, the analysis of the impact of risk, the management of timetables, documents, systems, compliance, non-compliance and any other necessary process to a comprehensive and efficient management system.

The system provides an analytical tool for identifying preventive measures and priorities for action for the control and improvement of the system of planning and environmental modeling and process monitoring through indicators.

Features and Benefits

Quarta EVO System Environment enables you to develop and implement its environmental policy, which includes:

  • the mapping of the company structure in relation to the Environment ( on the basis of the results from the preliminary analysis );
  • the planning activities;
  • the qualitative description of the activities to function (responsibility);
  • the identification of a pattern;
  • matrix for the analysis of the impact of environmental factors;
  • the identification and quantification of environmental impact factors;
  • Document Management , a current file management Lifecycles for the ” Site Description”;
  • the description, mapping and modeling of Environmental Processes;
  • determine the root cause of environmental incidents to prevent recurrence.


  • Maximum flexibility in defining the life cycle of documents and environmental procedures with configurable workflow to suit your needs;
  • Development of monitoring dashboards : for indicators of ecosystem impact ( emissions calculation ), indicators of social impact (No of complaints per year) and the performance of the process;
  • Clear evidence of the plans of action of environmental treatment of non-conformities , corrective and preventive actions;
  • Ability to schedule the reaction times and verify the results.