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Software Contracts Management Quarta EVO

Digital management of Contracts and Sub-Contracts

Contracts Management Software Quarta EVO allows you to automate all document fulfillments and related deadlines, with regards to the contract, any sub-contracts, staff and equipment used.

 With this module, it is possible to manage tasks such as: contracting, management of the employees and the vehicles that will be used by contractors or sub-contractors.
It allows to :
  • Control at the same time: contractual requirements, regulatory requirements and operational needs
  • Manage the process of qualifying suppliers/contractors by the different internal corporate roles
  • Manage the evaluation in the best way to guarantee maximum security
  • Establishing which documents and certifications the supplier must provide and involve in the upload directly online
  • Managing effectively deadlines
  • It allows a virtuous integration with other Quarta EVO modules (eg: Plant Maintenance and HSE – Risk Assessment)


Features and Benefits


  • Authorizations to access the company areas and possible integration to the access control system.
  • Schedule of documents
  • Register with all existing contracts and their status (valid / expired)
  • Supplier has a direct access to the provider via the dashboard/online portal.
  • Automatic alert near the documents validity deadlines and the update of the deadlines schedule.
  • Automatic check of the presence of “countersigneddocuments.
  • Data approval by the sectors involved: purchasing department, administration, quality office, RSPP, etc …
  • Non-Conformity management
  • Management of “black lists” of suppliers and their resources.
  • Possibility of management through the Supplier Portal: uploading and updating of documentation by the supplier directly via Web
  • Collection of supplier documents (certifications, insurance, etc.)


  • Guarantee to respect the procedures and deadlines thanks to systematic mandatory requirements checks.
  • Reduction of the times of practical management, thanks to the loading and updating of the documentation and of the necessary information, to the supplier himself.
  • Support in the management of access and blocking permissions for suppliers-contractors who do not meet the necessary requirements.
  • Interaction with existing business systems (ERP, CRM, etc …).
  • Paper and print documentation disposal.
  • Preservation of the complete history of documents and information for each consultation.